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As an avid gardener since I was about 7 years old, that gives me over 45 years of experience gardening in this part of the world. And every year teaches me a bit more.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

How many do I really need???

So granted, I get another tomato and pepper variety each year, and as older seeds are used up or lose viability, there is some attrition to the varieties.  But in the quest for heirlooms which can have their seeds saved I think I went overboard....
Tomatoes: new:   Heinz classic processor, Black Krim, Speckled Roman, Amish Paste
and from previous years: Juliet (hybrid grape), Polish Linguisa, Opalka, San Marzano Lampadina, Brandywine.
So that's 9 right?  And there's a couple more I have I'm not planting.
Peppers: new: Serrano, Paprika, Carmen (hybrid), Rainbow blend (sweet hybrid), Jalapeno Goliath, Garden Salsa Hybrid (my favorite, too bad it's a hybrid.)
and from previous years:  Cayenne, Jalapeno M.
Garden salsa I've grown for a number of years, finally used all the seeds from the last packet.  But that's what, 8 peppers?  I always have way to many, even with canning and freezing, and my co-workers get lots of freebies.
We haven't even gotten to the flowers....pix to come.


  1. We have just three tomato plants each year. Not a lot of space in full sun, and I have to admit I prefer growing flowers. Last year it was Green Zebra, Early Girl, and Sweet 100.

    I try to have different varieties each year, though I usually plant green zebra and a cherry or grape variety.

    If you could plant just three varieties, what would they be?

  2. LOL sorry, that's a difficult one. I can and freeze, so I have several paste varieties. For fresh use, I would probably have a Brandywine, an Opalka (or other meaty tomato also good for cooking) and maybe a Juliet, which is a grape tomato. I am still experimenting with varieties, and will be saving seeds on the non-hybrids, so I am interested in those....