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We are now living full time in Northeast Iowa, and working on the new gardens. It will keep us busy for quite a while...

As an avid gardener since I was about 7 years old, that gives me over 45 years of experience gardening in this part of the world. And every year teaches me a bit more.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Sooo it's been a long summer. I spent more time watering *everything* over and over, so that the gardens here in town have flowers and fruits, and our trees and shrubs up north survive the brutal drought. We got blessed rains last weekend, I can only hope they help that hickory in the woods survive. It's the one behind the oak and cherry that lost big chunks in July, 77mph wind that showed how rotten both are, I am sad to say. It was a narsty summer for some of these woodsy friends... And one of several "Chinese" praying mantises we saw flitting about in September.
While PMs do have local species, this is apparently an import. Such a distinct thing to see - almost like birds! When they fly, the front arms are out front, more than half the apparent length before the wings, really striking. We saw at least three, apparently males, and I am happy to have them. Of course if we ever have chickens, I am pretty sure these bubbas are toast....

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