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We are now living full time in Northeast Iowa, and working on the new gardens. It will keep us busy for quite a while...

As an avid gardener since I was about 7 years old, that gives me over 45 years of experience gardening in this part of the world. And every year teaches me a bit more.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

So here it is a bit dry, a lot warm. I just wanted to post a nice picture of my friend/coworker who, with his family and the donation of land and seeds (http://rareseeds.com/) and some help from a local church, are working a garden. The goals are to provide produce for themselves, the church members and the local food pantries. It's not easy - if you've ever tilled a grassy area to establish a garden the same year - but it's going pretty well, although the dry conditions make it a challenge. I have a small garden, and when there is more than we can use it goes to my cohorts in crime at work, but this is a bigger effort, about 6000 sqft or so...hopefully will provide for a bunch of folks!

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